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Ongoing Sale. Do you need a Hoodie for cool summer nights? A T-shirt for those hot summer days? Or a coffee mug to fill with your favorite beverage? The Levittown Church of God has got them! T-Shirt $15, Hoodie $30, Sizes S, M, L, & XL available. Coffee Mugs $10. All proceeds benefit Vladimir Bryant Foundation (VBF).


 VBF 3rd Annual Basketball Tournament - November 11, 2017. 9am to 2pm.  Shoot around and registration 8-9am. $20/person
Help us make this one the biggest fundraiser ever!
Raffle Tickets for Donation. $5/one ticket $20/5 tickets for a chance to win:
Autographed Eric Lindros #88 White FLYERS Jersey
Autographed #51 William Thomas Midnight Green EAGLES Jersey
Autographed #48 Travis Haffner Cleveland Indians Home White Jersey

Contact Cris at or at 215-290-6829

Vladimir Bryant Foundation 3 on 3 Basketball Rules

Have fun! Remember all participants and volunteers are raising funds for the Vladimir Bryant Foundation.

First 12 teams to register are guaranteed to play. If we have more than 12 teams, we will try to accommodate you!

$20.00 per person.

Last day to register your team, Friday November 10th.

Anyone 14 years and up may participate.  

All players must register.

Three men minimum with a five-man maximum per team limit. Teams should come wearing the same color t-shirts.

Four game guarantee. Bracket play and then seeding for double elimination tournament.
Games will be played to 10 points or 12 minutes, whichever comes first.

1 point per basket.

12 minute running clock.  The game will end after 12 minutes and the team with the team with the most points declared the winner.

There will be a two-minute overtime if the score is tied after 12 minutes.  If after the overtime period the score is still tied, foul shots will determine the winner.

The team that has the ball last at the end of the 12-minute time period for a game that goes into overtime will begin with possession at the start of overtime.

Change of possession after each basket is made.

Ball must be taken back to the change of possession mark after each change of possession – air ball, steals, rebounds, etc.

Two foul shots will be given on intentional fouls. Change of possession on all other fouls.

Subs made on the fly. No time outs unless in case of injury.

If you don’t have a team you may play as a free agent and be added to a new team or an existing team.

Any player that is involved in fighting will be ejected from the tournament.

Shoot around time and team registration from 8:00am – 9:00am. Games start at 9:00 am sharp!

You can register by contacting Cris at or

No Dunking.  The basket has to last for the entirety of the tournament. There will one warning given before games start. Anyone dunking will be ejected from the tournament.

When your team is eliminated, if there is a team with less than 5 members and they agree, you may donate an additional $5.00 and continue in the tournament.

Food and drinks are provided for a donation.

Giveaways and raffle will be held at the break after the bracket games.

Tie-breaker – Head to head. If more than two teams are tied and there is no head to head advantage, then total point differential. Random choice.

Decisions of the Tournament Committee are final.

Winning team receives trophy and Championship T-shirt.
Saturday November 4th - Holiday Bizzare. Sell your Holiday items. Table space for $15 donation.  Have stuff to sell and don't have a table?  For another $10 donation in addition to the space donation, we'll provCoffee House - Saturday December 2nd - Intimate setting for music with baked goods and of course, good coffee.
Contestants plus One Guest - Free!