Our History
Cedric and Widza Bryant are the founders of the Vladimir Bryant Foundation. Their vision came after moving to Haiti from the U.S. and finding no medical support system in place for their son with Cerebral Palsy. During their time in Haiti they met many other children with disabilities and no access to health care.
Out of these challenges, Cedric and Widza were compelled to create this foundation to provide rehabilitation and integration into the community for these precious children. The first center, Little Hearts Home, opened in 2012 and provides accommodations as well as physical, occupational & speech therapy with volunteer therapists working alongside the local staff to support and train the children.
In addition to receiving poor medical help in Haiti, disabled children are not welcome in the schools as they are not equipped to teach them. Our goal is to provide ongoing education for these children as we continue to provide medical treatment, outreach & family support.
Our Vision & Mission
We are committed to “Helping Make Their Tomorrows Brighter” one child, one family at a time. Disabled children are referred to by their parents and community, not by their name, but by the word “Cocobai” which translated into English means “Worthless“. We want them to know that that each and every one of them is “Worthwhile” just as we all are.
Our services
Early Intervention • Physical therapy • Occupational therapy • Speech therapy • Schooling • Medical outreach • Parent Support Group  Counseling • Housing • Spiritual Outreach & Evangelism
Cerebral Palsy, what is it?
Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that can involve brain and nervous system functions such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking. There are several different types of cerebral palsy, including spastic, dyskinetic, ataxic, hypotonic, and mixed.
Causes, incidence, and risk factors
Cerebral Palsy is caused by injuries or abnormalities of the brain. Most of these problems occur as the baby grows in the womb, but they can happen at any time during the first 2 years of life, while the baby’s brain is still developing.
To read more about Cerebral Palsy, please visit the Mayo Clinic  website.

Vladimir Bryant Foundation Committee

Get to Know Us a Little Better!

Pastor Magofy Bellevue, Advisor for Haiti

Pastor Mathew D. George, Lead Pastor Levittown Church of God, Advisor for USA

Ron CoreyChairman
Ron has been successful as a self-employed business owner of a heating and air conditioning company for over 29 years as well as partner of a fuel oil company for the last 9 years. Ron started attending the Levittown Church of God 42 years ago, became a member of the church and has been a Board Member for the last 10 years.

Ron’s love of God has inspired a passion within him for missions and the youth of the church and he strives to be a good example for them. He has led and continues to lead mission trips. Because of his great leadership skills, it is a natural fit for him to be the Chairperson of the Vladimir Bryant Foundation. Ron has a generous heart and continues to ensure the children at Vladimir Bryant Foundation are always taken care of and when he travels to Haiti to our Little Hearts Home, he enjoys sharing the word of God and praying with the people.

When not working or being involved with the church, Ron enjoys spending time with his wife and family and fishing and hunting at his mountain cabin.

Evangelist Widza BryantAdministrator

Widza Bryant currently attends Regent University as a Doctorate student in the School of Business - Doctor of Strategic Leadership.  
She is a career Human Resource professional and a consultant and continues to work with leaders and executives to promote equal opportunities and workplace equalities. Widza spends a lot of her time delivering Human Resources services and programs to build skills/competencies within organizations. 
In 2011 along with her husband Cedric, Widza co-founded the Vladimir Bryant Foundation – aims at providing a “better world” for Children with Special Needs in Haiti and in Pennsylvania. She considers herself a missionary for Christ – working alongside Church Leaders at all levels to make an impact in the world for Christ.
She is married to her husband – Cedric and together have five children (two sets of twins).

Cedric BryantVice Chairman
Cedric Bryant is the co-founder of Vladimir Bryant Foundation (VBF). He currently attends Regent University School of Business and Leadership as a Doctorate student. Cedric also holds an MBA from Cairn University. He has seventeen years experience in the field of Human Services, and      currently serves as the Program President for VBF.
Prior to transitioning to VBF, Cedric worked as the Director of Human Services at the Associated Services for the Blind. In his role, he was responsible for the administration and operations of the Human Services Division, which includes: Rehabilitation Department, Specialized Services and Job Development/Training Program; develop and monitor division budgets and explore alternative funding sources for program development.  
Cedric is married to his wife Widza of 16 years and together have five children

Dr. Caroline McClain, PT, DPT, Chief Rehabilitation Specialist

Caroline is a pediatric physical therapist at Early Intervention Associates in Rockville, MD. She has worked internationally in global health and development in several countries including India, Nicaragua, Belize, Peru, and Zambia. Prior to joining our team as Chief Rehabilitation Specialist, she worked at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC and Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia, PA.
Caroline earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Marymount University and received her Bachelors of Science from Wake Forest University. She speaks Spanish and loves to travel, hike, and cook with family and friends.
Deb CoreyTreasurer

Deb has had a long career in the educational environment for the past 35 years. She has managed many large budgets and has been very successful leading the volunteering program at the Levittown Church of God with her husband Ron Corey.

Deb has lead the international youth mission team for the Church and other activities associated with ensuring the safety of the children during mission trips to Haiti and other locations in the U.S.

Deb has two beautiful children, Ronnie with his lovely wife, Mel, and Brianna who recently graduated from Temple University. Deb is a very disciplined woman of God who brings enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude to the Vladimir Bryant Foundation.

Cristopher Karl, Special Events Coordinator

Cristopher has been an Electronic Product Engineer at the largest privately held automotive parts remanufacture in the world for the past 17 years.

He has been attending the Levittown Church of God since he was a young boy and made the decision to follow Jesus. Through the years, he’s served in many functions of the church including as a member of the Pastor’s Council, Sunday School teacher and Morning Worship Leader. He currently serves the church as the Treasurer and Office Manager. Cris also organizes the church’s softball team as an outreach ministry in the Christian Fellowship Softball League where he has served as the Vice-President since 1989.

He has a heart to help people and enjoys doing that work in the background. He believes in order to be a truly successful person, you must help others. Cris lives in the Bucks County area with his wife, Lois, and daughter, Tamera.

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