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Welcome to the Vladimir Bryant Foundation!
Together Making Their Tomorrows Brighter
  ​​​​​​​The Vladimir Bryant Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 Christian based organization, incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania. We provide services & support to children with Cerebral Palsy & other disabilities through housing, schooling & clinics. Our Little Hearts Home was established in 2012 in Haiti. With the growing success of the Little Hearts Home, we have been inspired to establish a new facility in the Bucks County, PA area to provide the same beacon of light to the community for children with special needs. Our dream is to create a place where "different" is normal; that allows for parents to take time and recharge.  Our goal is to provide peace of mind to parents and families in the Bucks County and surrounding areas who are overwhelmed by the demanding tasks of taking care of their children with disibilities.
The people were amazed when they saw the mute speaking, the crippled made well, the lame walking and the blind seeing. And they praised the God of Israel. ~Matthew 15:31

Partners in Care
Regent doctoral students Cedric and Widza Bryant and Regent donors
John and Ruthie Sullivan are teaming up to help disabled children in Haiti

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Saturday November 11, 2017was a great day for the Vladimir Bryant Foundation 3rd Annual 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament.
Thank you to everyone that came out and played and volunteered to help!

Our 3rd Annual Spring Dinner was a Great Success!!
Thank You for Supporting VBF!!

Vladimir Bryant Foundation Receives 2016
Missions Award from Inspired Purpose, Inc.

VBF was very grateful to receive Inspired Purpose Inc. 2016 Missions Award on Saturday June 11, 2016 at Majestic Life Church in Orlando, Florida.

The Missions Award pays tribute to individuals and organizations exemplifying remarkable, unselfish, humanitarian efforts to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of hurting people in the U.S. and around the world.

Pictured is Dr. Wendi Wardlaw from Inspired Purpose presenting the Missions Award to Evangelist and Founding Board Member Widza Bryant. 

VBF was proud to work with Dr. Wendi and Inspired Purpose in bringing medical and dental services to people in Haiti.

VBF is so thankful to God for opening up many doors that we never thought could be opened. God continues to bless and inspire others to be a blessing.

Click here for information on Inspired Purpose, Inc .

Pray for Haiti That God Provides For All Their Needs!

Partner with Vladimir Bryant Foundation to Provide Relief for Those Suffering From Hurricane Matthew 


Donate towards a Shipping Barrel to Send Donated Items to Haiti $120

Donate Any Amount Towards Hurricane Relief.
When the PayPal Window pops up, Enter the Amount You Wish To Donate

One of the areas that VBF has worked with in the past was devastated by Hurricane Matthew.  You can see the destruction in the pictures that Sister Lunise sent of the area in Aux Cayes in the commune of Charette.

People have been living outside in the elements since the hurricane passed through with very little food available.  All the churches in the community have been destroyed.

The people are in need of:

Outdoor Sleeping Items - Mats to Sleep On
Non-perishable Foods
Summer Clothing for Men, Women, Boys, and Girls

We are also accepting donations to help pay for shipping costs or other items as needed for the construction project.


Items can be dropped off at Levittown Church of God 571 Levittown Parkway, Levittown, PA 19054

If you need to drop off items at a different time, please email  vladimirbryanthaiti@gmail.com to arrange a drop off time.

Donations can be sent using PayPal at vladimirbryanthaiti@gmail.com and type hurricane in the message box or by clicking the hurricane donation link here on our website.

Checks can be made payable to Vladimir Bryant Foundation and sent to PO Box 13, Croydon, PA 19021. All gifts are tax deductible and will be directly used to help those in need. Please note Hurricane Relief in the memo.

Updates of the progress made in Haiti can be found here on our website, on Facebook Vladimir Bryant Foundation , or on Twitter @VBF_Haiti

Thank You For Your Giving!

Thank you for your continued giving!  We have lots of barrels of clothing and items to ship to Sister Lunise in Haiti but the need is still great. Every little bit helps and every article of clothing goes to Haiti. It's not sold here and turned into cash as some foundations do.

Donate Towards a ​​ LifeStraw Community

For the Cost of $329.95, LifeStraw Community can provide clean Drinking Water for a School, Orphanage, or Community for many years.

LifeStraw Community is a high-volume, point-of-use community water purifier with built-in safe storage, which provides microbiologically safe drinking water for schools, health facilities, workplaces and community settings.

  • Can purify between 70,000 -100,000* litres of water, enough to serve community settings for several years
  • Removes minimum 99.999% of viruses (>LOG 5 reduction)
  • Removes minimum 99.9999% of bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction)
  • Removes minimum 99.99% of protozoan cysts (>LOG 4 reduction)
Vladimir Bryant Foundation is not affiliated with LifeStraw and is not profiting off the purchase of LifeStraw equipment. We are only acting as a mediator to provide a longer lasting method to supply clean drinking water to people in Haiti.
The Vladimir Bryant Foundation
Every Life is Priceless
  • In Haiti over 5% of children will die during birth. 
  • In Haiti it is estimated that there are over 700,000 people living with disabilities.
  • The Haitian Government has no programs or infrastructure to support the disabled.
  • There is no accurate accounting of the number of disabled children in Haiti.
  • Disabled children are hidden or abandoned by their families and shunned by society.
  • In the Haitian language they are known as, “Kokobe” which is translated worthless.
  • Worthless

"Have a Little Heart" Love Banks

The First 36 Banks from Our Children were Claimed at our Spring Dinner!!

The children at the Vladimir Bryant Foundation's Little Heart's Home in Haiti will be painting their own Have a Little Heart Banks as a craft project.

For a $25.00 donation to VBF, you will recieve a Have a Little Heart Bank and a photo collage of all the children in our Little Hearts Home. 

Place the Have a Little Heart Love bank in a prominent place in your home so that you can be reminded to pray for the children's spiritual and physical needs on a daily basis.

Save your spare change and remember all the children in Haiti every time you drop your coins in.  When your Little Heart Bank is full, count out the change you have saved and make that your continuing donation to Vladimir Bryant Foundation.

We are going to visit the children in July and hope to have them add a Little Love to the hearts and bring them back for you.

Keep checking back for updates!

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